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Shooting Star Trio ramblings: Plot stuff (N)

OOC: Because Joshua’s story-thing won’t leave me alone. TIME FOR A COLLECTION OF THOUGHTS.

Plot ramblings below. Tweaked N’s story a bit to fit with Josh-mun’s earlier ideas.

N is sent on his journey by Ghetsis, who upon N’s return after his two year hiatus, basically forced the boy into doing his bidding. He threatened the life of the only dragon left (Kyurem), and blackmailed N with launching his ‘plan B’ of conquering Unova into action: controlling Kyurem and freezing Unova. Unable to stand the thought of the dragon getting hurt, N begrudgingly complied, and set off to collect the pieces of broken dreams.

He flies off with Zekrom, and by some means [the details of which are to be worked out] he finds himself over Traverse Town. Convinced he’s lost, N attempts to land, but after the dragon gets spooked by a flash of light, he slips off of its back and plummets into the third district. This is how he meets Mickey and Joshua.

When Mickey and Joshua ask about N’s reason for journeying, N tells them he was sent by Ghetsis. However, due to the fact that it’s clear Ghetsis is up to no good with this scheme, he is very tight lipped about details, going no further than ‘I need to do this’ and ‘if we don’t, something terrible will happen’. On this journey, he eventually does tell Mickey and Joshua about how his father manipulated him the first time around, and why N went on the two year journey he did. He does not mention that ‘his father’ and ‘Ghetsis’ are the same person.

Unova is the last world the trio visits. In a gameplay setting, it would be visible on the map, but if the player tired to go there, they’d get a message from N saying about how he’s ‘not ready to go home yet’. Only when the other worlds are complete does N finally (begrudgingly) accept the fact that they must go, and won’t object to visiting.

Upon arrival in N’s castle ruins, and meeting with Ghetsis, things start to go sour. When Ghetsis mentions taking the bottle of dreams for himself (planning to use them in sealing his goal of ruling Unova), it is revealed to Mickey and Joshua that his intentions for N collecting the dream pieces aren’t exactly good ones. When the other two suggest that the trio make a run for it, Ghetsis captures N’s zekrom, and threatens to harm the dragon by crushing the ball under his boot if N runs away. Sick of being manipulated further, N’s patience snaps, and he goes off on a rant about how he’s done being the man’s pawn and puppet. In a fit of rage, and despite protests from both Ghetsis and Mickey and Joshua, he throws the bottle of dreams on the ground, shattering it to pieces.

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